Welcome at the LVS


Since 1997, The province of Limburg in the Netherlands has a Real Estate Association which now counts 140 members. LVS stands for “Limburgse Vastgoed Societeit” which means: Limburg Real Estate Association.

It is a society made up of senior people who are professionally engaged in real estate in the broadest sense of the word. People who creatively, technical, financial, legal and managerial contribute to the real estate sector. Government, housing and care corporations, entrepreneurs and individualists meet in the society. They enjoy the interaction of knowledge and ideas from different backgrounds in a fun and inspiring setting.


Almost every month an activity is organized in the form of a lecture, work or project visit or a more social event aimed at networking and fun. The society also annually organizes a study trip abroad to a region or city to learn from special, new or important developments and accomplishments in the real estate sector. The LVS wants people creativity to be excited and so help to create better real estate for the future.

In parallel, the LVS is also contact and sounding board for (local) governments and third parties who want to come into contact with this heterogeneous profession or wishes to discuss specific topics.

We strive for a members who give active substance to the demands and wishes that a demanding and rapidly changing society may expect from their real estate sector. The LVS brings this type of people together and hopes through their knowledge and synergy to help create  better build environment for the future.

 And in the best tradition of Limburg, we do so with a smile and in a relaxed atmosphere!


For further information please personally contact: info@limburgsevastgoedsocieteit.nl